Curriculum Vitae


Born: 1976, North Vancouver, Canada
Education: Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver, Canada



2023 Garden of Shadows, Audain Art Museum, Whistler, September

2023 Untitled, Monte Clark Gallery, February

2017 Hidden Valley, Monte Clark Gallery, July-August

2015 Paper Forest, Monte Clark Gallery, Vancouver, April-May

2014 Scenes From the Paper Forest, Evergreen Cultural Centre, Coquitlam, BC, June-July

2013/14 Studies In Desolation, public art piece as part of the Capture Photography Festival, Canada Line – Cambie and Broadway Station, Vancouver, September 2013 – September 2014

2012/13   Manifestations of Nature, Selections from Colourfield, public art piece at Pearson International Airport, Toronto, curated by Cara Said for No.9 Contemporary Art and the Environment, December-June

2011 Colourfield, Monte Clark Gallery, Toronto, November-December

2011 Colourfield, Monte Clark Gallery, Vancouver, June

2009 With Friends Like These…, Charles H. Scott Gallery, Vancouver, curated by Cate Rimmer, July-September 

2009 Mystery and Melancholy in the Park, Clark and Faria, Toronto, April

2008 Valley of the Heart’s Delight, Monte Clark Gallery, Vancouver, November-December

2008 Karin Bubas: A Short History of Subjects and Objects, Canadian Cultural Centre, Paris, curated by Catherine Bedard, September-November 

2007 Red, Blue, and Yellow, Aperture Public Art Project, The Vancouver Public Library Downtown Branch, curated by Karen Henry, March-December

2007 Studies in Landscape and Wardrobe, Monte Clark Gallery, Toronto, May

2006 Studies in Landscape and Wardrobe, Monte Clark Gallery, Vancouver, November

2004 Ivy House, Monte Clark Gallery, Toronto, March

2003 Ivy House, Monte Clark Gallery, Vancouver, November

2002 Exterior Studies at Night, Monte Clark Gallery, Vancouver, April

2001 Leon’s Palace, Monte Clark Gallery, Vancouver, July-August  

2000 The Photo Toles, Monte Clark Gallery, Vancouver, August 

1999 Happy Friday Night, Artspeak Gallery, Vancouver, curated by Susan Edelstein, July



2023 Image/Object, The Reach Gallery Museum, curated by Adrienne Fast, Abbotsford, January – May

2022 The Concrete Art of Skateboarding, The Audain Museum, Whistler, curated by Patrik Andersson, September-January

2022 Everything Under The Sun: In Memory of Andrew Gruft, The Vancouver Art Gallery, curated by Grant Arnold, April – September 

2022 The Concrete Art of Skateboarding, Audain Art Museum, curated by Patrik Andersson, Whistler, September – January

2021 Teeth Loan and Trust, Griffin Projects, North Vancouver, curated by Patrik Andersson, September-December

2020/21 The BIG Picture: Giant Photographs and Powerful Portfolios, Fitchburg Art Museum, MA, September – June

2020 Where We Have Been, Surrey Art Gallery, September – December

2020 Lineages and Land Bases, Vancouver Art Gallery, February – August

2019 The Poetics of Space, Kelowna Art Gallery, January 19 – March 31

2019 Dog Days, Polygon Gallery, June 25 – September 8

2018 Vestige, West Vancouver Art Museum, Mar 21 – May 5

2018 The Poetics of Space, Nanaimo Museum, Oct. 4 – Dec. 20

2018 The Poetics of Space, Kamloops Art Gallery, April 7 – June 23

2017 Material Girls, Rodman Hall Art Centre, St. Catharines, ON, Sept. 15 – December 30 

2017 88 Artists From 88 Years, curated by Cate Rimmer, Libby Leshgold Gallery, Oct 30 – 

2017 Only Entropy Comes Easy, Monte Clark Gallery, Sept. 7 – Oct. 14 

2017 Art School High, curated by Patrik Anderson, Gordon Smith Gallery, May 13 – Aug 26

2017 Pictures From Here, curated by Grant Arnold The Vancouver Art Gallery, May 19 – Sept. 4

2017 Coquitlam, Canada, Chapter 2, Evergreen Cultural Centre, June 14 – July 2

2017 Material Girls, Kenderdine Art Gallery, Saskatoon, SK, Feb. 3 – December 30 

2016 Stare, The Vancouver At Gallery, Oct. 29-Jan 22

2016 Material Girls, Contemporary Calgary, Calgary, May 26 – August 21 

2016 Material Girls, Doris McCarthy Gallery, Toronto, Feb. 3 – April 21

2015 Traces That Resemble Us, curated by The Cinemateque, Monte Clark Gallery, November-December

2015 Material Girls, Dunlop Gallery curated by Blair Fornwald, Jennifer Matotek, and Wendy Peart, Regina, Jan-April

2015 The Poetics of Space, Vancouver Art Gallery, February–May

2012 Emily Carr and the Theatre of Transcendence, Vancouver Art Gallery, March-October

2011 Raised on a Diet of Broken Biscuits, Or Gallery project at The Fair, June 2-5

2010 Everything Everyday, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, Oct-January 2011

2010 Les visiteurs, 360 degrees festival of landscape photography, Joliette, Quebec

2010 Les battements, La Fabrique, Matane, Quebec

2010 Reality Check, Clark and Faria, Toronto, August

2010 Visions of British Columbia: A Landscape Manual, Vancouver Art Gallery, Feb.–May 

2010 The Tree: From the Sublime to the Social, Kelowna Art Gallery, Kelowna, July–Sept.

2009 The Tree: From the Sublime to the Social, Evergreen Cultural Centre, Coquitlam, October-November 

2009 The Tree, Kamloops Art Gallery, Kamloops, June-September

2009 New Artist Editions, Wanted, Paris, March-May

2008 Everyday Iconic, The Drake, Toronto, November-February 

2008 Rapture and Ruin, Vancouver Art Gallery, curated by Grant Arnold, October-January

2008 Flash Forward, Lennox Contemporary, Toronto, October

2008 Moodyville, Presentation House Gallery, North Vancouver, curated by Helga Pakasaar, May-June

2008 The Tree: From the Sublime to the Social, Vancouver Art Gallery, February-April

2007 Artists Choice: Roy Arden Selects from the Collection, Vancouver Art Gallery, October-January

2007 Artist as Photographer, Artists for Kids Gallery, North Vancouver, April

2007 History, Monte Clark Gallery, Toronto, January-March

2006 Portrait of A Citizen, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, October-January

2006 Home Theatre, Simon Fraser University Gallery, Vancouver, curated by Bill Jeffries, November

2006 Karin Bubas and Helen Levitt, Monte Clark Gallery, Vancouver, May 31

2005 Decay: (n) (v), Monte Clark Gallery, Toronto, October

2005 Real Pictures: Photographs From The Collection of Claudia Beck and Andrew Gruft, VAG, February-May

2003 About Time, Canadian Embassy, Washington DC, curated by Greg Bellerby, March-June

2002 A Proposal for an Exhibition, Monte Clark Gallery, Vancouver, curated by Claudia Beck and Andrew Gruft, Dec.

2002 Anna Hunt/Karin Bubas, Monte Clark Gallery, Toronto, March 

2001 Vancouver Collects, Vancouver Art Gallery, October–January

2001 The Power Of Reflection, Liane and Danny Taran Gallery, Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Arts, curated by Martha Langford, Montreal, September

2001 Proof 8, Gallery 44, Toronto, July

2000 Image & Light · History & Influence, Charles H. Scott Gallery, Vancouver, curated by Ann Pollock, Nov-Dec

2000 SHOOT – A Covert Optimism in New Vancouver Art, Kenderdine Art Gallery, The University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, January-February 

2000 Popular, Anodyne Gallery, Vancouver, January-February

2000 La Couleur du Confort, touring exhibition in Quebec, January-May

1999 Bitume/Bitemen 99, View Finder, Brussels, Belgium, September-October 

1999 La Couleur du Confort, La Galerie Vox, Mois de La Photo, Montreal, September-Oct. 

1999 Buenas Dias Mundial, De Vleeshal Contemporary Art Centre (represented by the Western Front), Middleburg, The Netherlands, July-August 

1999 After Photography, Monte Clark Gallery, Vancouver, curated by Roy Arden, May

1998 Monument Valley, Or Gallery, Vancouver, curated by Reid Shier, November-December 

1997 Sunken Livingroom, Access Gallery, Vancouver, February-March 

1997 Eye Contact, Art Space Gallery, Seattle, Washington, August-October 



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Artist for Kids Gallery, North Vancouver
Bank of Montreal, Toronto
Telus, Vancouver
Belkin Gallery, UBC, Vancouver
Glenbow Museum, Calgary
Osler Hoskins and Harcourt, Ottawa
Royal Bank of Canada
TD Bank
Vancouver Art Gallery



2022 BC Arts Council Project Grant

2021 Canada Council Arts Grant

2015 BC Arts Council Grant

2013 BC Arts Council Grant

2012 BC Arts Council Grant

2012 BC Arts Council Grant

2009 Canada Council Grant

2007 Canada Council Grant

2007 BC Arts Council Grant

2005 Vancouver Arts Award 

2003 Canada Council C Grant

2003 BC Cultural Grant

2003 Gold Award in the category of Still Life Photography, National Magazine Award Foundation

2001 Canada Council C Grant

2000 Honourable Mention Canada Council Future Generations Millennium Prize

2000 BC Cultural Grant

2000 Canada Council C Grant

1999 Canada Council Travel Grant

Karin BubaŠ