Karin Bubaš, born in 1976 in North Vancouver, is a photographer who lives and works in Vancouver, B.C. She studied at the Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design and graduated in 1998. Bubaš has exhibited nationally and internationally, most notably in Paris, Brussels and Washington D.C. Exhibitions have included Karin Bubaš; A Short History of Subjects and Objects at the Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris and With Friends Like These… at the Charles H. Scott Gallery in Vancouver. To All The Haters is a book featuring her pastel drawing of The Hills cast and will be launched in 2012.

Karin Bubaš’s photographic practice is concerned with the visual language of various environments and their meditative state. In the past, this idea has been conveyed through the found installations of everyday life. Bubaš has catalogued the contents of her grandparent’s home, documented the remnants of a crack hotel, and photographed the rooms of an estate in England, among others. Changing focus from interiors to landscapes, in 2006 she began photographing women alone in outdoor settings. The series explores the solitary and occasionally frightening relationship between woman and nature while also referencing the films of Hitchcock and Antonioni. The pictures depict chic women dressed in carefully selected costumes and positioned in parks. Their faces are turned away as they contemplate their surroundings.

In 2011 Karin Bubaš began a new body of work titled Colour Field. It involves the use of tinted smoke as an expressive visual medium. Part intervention, part documentation of a performance, she literally painted on carefully chosen landscapes of forests and snow with various artificial hues, photographing the results through large-scale pictures and small oil paintings. Thus, a wintry white snowscape becomes a blank canvas for violet and pink tints, and an ice-covered marsh appears dystopic as psychedelic clouds loom above the frozen surface. The Colour Field project further marks a shift in her focus from the mundane to the sublime. These misty landscapes float somewhere near minimalism, drawing the viewer towards the strange fog shapes and their juxtaposition within the idyllic Vancouver settings. In certain images the hues are dreamy, while in others the smoke infusion appears bizarre. The contrast of the synthetic within these outdoor settings results in unearthly landscapes, creating mysterious and captivating narratives.

Karin Bubaš is represented by the Monte Clark Galleries in Vancouver.